Best Golf GPS Watches Review

What’s the best golf gps watch for you? GPS watches provide an overview of the golf course you are playing at and are great for all sorts of reasons. However, there are so many options now on the market that boast such a wide range of benefits and technologies.

I have analysed and tested over hundreds of different GPS watches, and believe that right now the best Golf GPS watch is the Garmin Approach S10. This really packs a punch especially for the price that you pay for it. Having tried this around my local course, it will give you so much confidence that you are selecting the right club. Plus, I was mind-blown by how cheap they are right now here on Amazon compared to some of the other places.

Ultimately, it does hugely depend on how serious you are about your golf and how much you are willing to spend. GPS units can go all the way up to £400 and the question really is whether it is worth spending that much on a GPS watch?

It’s definitely worth spending if you are playing a lot of golf and are playing at a level where you comfortably know the distance you are able to hit with each club. It’s easy knowing how far it is to the hole but that reading becomes irrelevant if you are not able to consistently hit that distance.

So, I always recommend a happy medium where you find a GPS watch that provides accurate readings yet not burn the wallet too much. Hopefully this write I have written will help you make that good financial decision.

I’m not saying it is absolutely perfect but I am su­per excited to share with you my findings and geek out on you with some numbers.

Top 10 Best Golf GPS Watches (2020 Reviews)

ModelLevelBattery LifeOverall RatingCheck Now
1. Garmin Approach S10Beginner12 hours100%Check Price
2. Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ Advanced8 hours99%Check Price
3. Garmin Approach S20Intermediate15 hours96%Check Price
4. Golf Buddy W10Advanced13 hours97%Check Price
5. POSMA GT2Beginner10 hours98%Check Price
6. Garmin Approach X10Beginner12 hours93%Check Price
7. TomTom GolferIntermediate10 hours95%Check Price
8. Garmin Approach X40Intermediate10 hours94%Check Price
9. GolfBuddy WT6Advanced9 hours92%Check Price
10. Golf Buddy VTXAdvanced15 hours99%Check Price

1. Garmin Approach S10

The Garmin Approach S10 has an incredibly lightweight design that makes it very comfortable to wear. Many people are able to wear it and not even notice that it’s on. With a sleek design, you can also be sure that it looks stylish.

We liked how it has been fitted with a display that has a high resolution. It can also be easily read in sunlight, which makes it remarkably easy to use, regardless of the environment that you’re playing in.

Golfers have been loving how there are over 41,000 golf courses already loaded into the watch. These are from golf courses all around the world. We were impressed with how there are free updates on these courses to ensure that the watch is up to date with everything.

You’re provided with yard measurements that go from the front, all the way to the back of the green. There is also a system that informs you of any hazards that are on the course.

The watch works effectively to enable you to see a summary after you’ve played. This includes the time and distance played. You’re then able to upload these stats onto a scoreboard and use it as something to try and beat to improve your game.

Verdict: Very deserving of the number one slot! It’s so simple and easy to gauge any distances to the front/middle/back of the greens along with hazards/doglegs. It allows you to sync the watch to the Garmin app which also allows you to track your scores which I think is a pretty cool feature.

2. Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+

The Golf Buddy GB9 WTX+ has been made with an excellent design that means you can wear it on and off the golf course. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to wear all day long. We were impressed with how they’ve made the user interface very easy to use.

It’s remarkably simple to navigate and comes with a touch sensitive feature that’s incredibly sensitive. Golfers have also been liking how there is a total of more than 38,000 courses preprogrammed into the watch.

This covers golf courses all around the world, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to use the watch to receive specific information about certain courses. The watch also receive regular updates to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

You can even sync this watch to your smartphone. As a result, it enables you to see notifications about messages and calls by simply looking at the watch.

Furthermore, there’s a dynamic green view system available. This is awesome for providing you with accurate information about the course you’re playing on. So, you’re able to see the distances and any hazards.

Verdict: Great tool for amateur golfers that works well! The first thing when you switch this on is that you’ll notice the bright screen and easy to user interface. I also love the charging pod for these as previous ones were known to cause some issues. But Golf Buddy have resolved this and the battery life allows the watch to be used for two full rounds with ease.

3. Garmin Approach S20

Garmin’s Approach S20 golf watch has an amazing AutoShot tracker that works effectively to measure statistics based around your shot locations and distances. You can then use this accurate information to try and improve.

The user interface is super easy to use and allows you to see everything you need in one place. As a result, you’re able to receive more guidance from the watch to help you improve your skills.

We liked how this GPS watch can provide you with details and tips when it comes to taking shots at certain distances. It also lets you know of any hazards while you’re playing.

The CourseView feature that has been fitted is provides you with updates on golf courses around the world. Therefore, the watch always manages to remain up to date to ensure you have the correct information.

It’s able to give you details on 40,000 different golf courses around the world. In addition to this, there’s an AutoShot system that works to track your shots and measure distances to ensure you have all the relevant information you need to make the best shot possible.

Players have been liking how this watch also has a sporty design. This makes it look stylish to wear on the golf course.

Verdict: Absolutely bang on! This is a slight upgrade from the top-seller that is the S10. Garmin are probably considered the best GPS watches and this really adds on to that perception. What was mind-blowing with this one is the battery life! When testing this after 8 days, it was still in that 80% mark which is exceptional.

4. GolfBuddy Aim W10

This is one of the top-of the-range products when it comes to GPS watches which is reflected in the price. So, is it really worth that extra bit of money?

Personally, when I first put this watch on, I loved the look and feel of the watch. It’s unbelievably lightweight and certainly not going to influence or restrict any movement. It comes with quite a funky strap for you fashionable golfers out there but still has that sporty look to it.

You’ll see GolfBuddy mentioned a couple of times on this list which suggests they are quite well represented in the market which is definitely the case. They have been in the industry since 2013 and really starting to muscle their way up the leaderboard.

What I particularly liked with GolfBuddy is that you do not need a subscription for the updates. So, when new courses are added to the 40,000 already available or improvements are made, you don’t need to worry about having to pay anything extra.

In terms of the technological aspects of the watch, the watch detects the course you are playing on by itself as soon as you step on the course. Obviously, this saves time having to prepare beforehand.

But we know that the most important things are the functionality and all the different things it can show. The interface is very simple and fast to use so you don’t really have to be tech savvy.

A key feature in this watch is the green undulation which are distance rings from the green to your current location. This is combined with distances to the front and back of the green shown as well.

You can actually also change the pin placement which is quite a handy feature. There is a separate screen for showing hazard on the course such as bunkers and the water.

The battery life is pretty impressive too with 13 hours of usage time which should allow you to get through 3 or 4 rounds of golf.

Verdict: Pretty impressive watch on the higher end of the pricing scale. Very accurate readings that changes with every step yet a very use friendly interface. Easily wearable outside of golf espeically if you are quite fashionable. Definitely worth the money!


This POSMA GT2 GPS golf watch has an awesome waterproof design. Therefore, you can feel confident in playing golf in any weather and not have to worry about the watch becoming damaged. Having said that, it’s not suitable for swimming.

With a Lithium-Ion battery, you can use it for up to 10 hours a day while in the play mode or up to 8 days when using the regular watch features after being fully charged.

The GPS chip that they’ve implemented into this watch is of a high-quality and is able to detect many golf courses around the world. As a result, you’re provided with specific details about the course that you’re playing on.

This includes factors like the distance to the green and shot distances. A shot distance measurement feature is very useful as well. This enables you to see the distance of each shot that you’ve taken to help you make any adjustments for future shots.

Verdict: This is all about the price! One of the cheapest options on the market but yet provides some impressive yardage measurements. Works awesome with pre-loaded golf courses that are on the way and I personally think it’s quite fashionable. It also has the benefit of tracking daily activity so doubles up as a fitness tracker for you fitness fanatics out there.

6. Garmin Approach X10

The Garmin Approach X10 watch has been made with a lightweight design that makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. We liked how the display that’s available is very easy to read and comes with a touchscreen feature. It’s responsive and simple to navigate.

We were impressed with how this GPS watch is able to provide you with accurate information based on distances to the front, middle, and back of the green. In addition to this, you’re able to receive precise details about any hazards that are on the course.

With the Green View feature, you’re able to put pins on certain targets that you want to hit. The watch can help you achieve these targets by putting them into perspective with the rest of the golf course.

There are also over 40,000 golf courses from around the world that have been programmed into the watch. Therefore, you’re able to get accurate information based on the golf course you’re playing on. While in GPS mode, this watch can last for 12 hours after being fully charged.

Verdict: Another mention for Garmin which really goes to show they are at the forefront of GPS watches. Compared to the other two watches, this is very simplistic. There’s no extra state-of-the- functionality or even Bluetooth functionality. It simply tells you the distance to the greens including to the front, middle and back. The user interface isn’t anything too fancy to the point where even someone brand new to technology would be able to pick this up and get going straight away.

7. TomTom Golfer

The TomTom Golfer provides you with a complete view of the green which lets you see the layout prior to taking your shot. We were impressed with how this feature also allows you to easily see if there are any hazards that you need to take into account before making your shot.

You’re also able to have accurate measurements surrounding the yards to the back, middle, and front of the green to pull of better shots. In addition to this, the watch has been pre programmed with an impressive range of 34,000 golf courses from around the world.

This feature is excellent for providing you with precise information about the course you’re playing on. Users have also been glad to find that navigating through all the menus and settings with this watch is super easy.

If you’ve been struggling with choosing the right club, you’ll find this watch makes it a lot easier because of how it lets you know the precise distances that you need to make for your shots.

Verdict: Idiot proof is what my coach down the range called this and to be fair to her, I can confirm that it does not get too much simpler. TomTom is obviously huge when it comes to GPS units for your car but in terms of accuracy, this is not far behind the Garmins. It’s super accurate in terms of distances which really makes club selection easy and the large display doesn’t feel too bulky either.

8. Garmin Approach X40

The Garmin Approach X40 enables you to see the precise distance of the back, center, and front of the green. Therefore, you’re able to pull of shots with more useful information that can improve your game.

We liked how the watch even notifies you if there are any hazards that you would need to consider before taking your shot.

Golfers have also been pleased to find that there is a total of more than 40,000 golf courses already loaded onto the watch. Therefore, you’re provided with specific information regarding thousands of different golf courses from around the world.

In addition to this, an AutoShot feature has been implemented. This is awesome for allowing you to track your shots. At the end of your game, you can look back at your stats to see the areas that need to be improved for next time.

We were impressed with how this GPS watch is able to track your heart rate, as well as the number of calories that are burned. The waterproof design also means that you can wear it to swim for up to 50 meters.

Furthermore, you can connect the watch to your smartphone, which allows you to then receive texts, calls, emails, and social media notifications.

Verdict: The all-round power player that can be worn every day. It does exactly what it says on the box and it’s so comfortable to wear. If you don’t like wearing a bulky watch then this band style is absolutely perfect especially if like me you have quite skinny wrists. Quite discreet and stylish looking which is quite a cool feeling to have to.­

9. GolfBuddy WT6

The GolfBuddy WT6 has been designed in a way that makes it incredibly easy to use. Therefore, you can be sure to wear it and start using it on the golf course without any complications with setting it up.

There is a range of more than 38,000 golf courses programmed into the watch already. This enables you to have precise insights into the details of the different golf courses that are around the world. As a result, you have more information to help you pull off the best shots possible.

In addition to this, there’s a function that works to automatically detect the hole. This is one of the features that makes it so easy to use. You’re also provided with information regarding the distance between you and any hazards that are on the course.

Charging this watch is also a breeze. All you have to do is plug it into a device or socket that has a USB port.

Verdict: Simplicity at its best! If you are not looking for any gimmicky features then this watch is absolutely perfect. Just a quick glance down at the watch provides you with the correct club selection. It’s jaw-dropping how much good value this is especially here on Amazon where they are going for so cheap.

10. Golf Buddy VTX

The Golf Buddy VTX has been made with a remarkably compact design that makes it super easy to wear for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

With a display that’s available in color, you’re able to clearly see everything you need to. This makes the watch very easy to use.

An audio distance measuring feature has been implemented to this watch. We liked how this system provides you with accurate information regarding the distance between you and any hazards or holes that you’re trying to reach.

There is a total of over 38,000 golf course preloaded onto the watch as well. Therefore, you are able to have more information surrounding golf courses from all around the world to improve your game.

With a Bluetooth feature available, you can easily connect this watch to any other Bluetooth enabled device. For example, you can connect it to your smartphone and be able to receive notifications that can be seen on the watch.

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