Best Golf Practice Net

Are you looking for the best golf practice net for beginners? Obviously, everyone wants to practice their chipping at the comfort of their own home without breaking anything around them. There’s so many options out there from so many manufacturers but do you really trust them to stop one of the balls going flying into the tele.

That is why I decided to test this out and find out the best chipping nets that actually help your game.

I’ve tested over 40 different practice nets and I believe that the best golf practice net right now is the Chipping Net by Longridge. It packs some awesome protective features as I felt completely safe hitting into one of these at home.

Obviously, it doesn’t matter what level you play at, repetitions are the best way to improve your game. Not having to go down to the driving range each time will not only save you money but also get much more hours under your belt.

Having something that only takes a few minutes to put up in a few mins and will withstand a driver being teed up will give you a heck of a load of confidence.

At the same time, there is obviously a limitation in terms of the distance you can use these for because I’m sure not all of us have a 300 yard space somewhere round the house we can use to tee off with a golf ball. So, I have also looked at some outdoor options which can extend your practice options.

Best Golf Practice Net 2019

1. Chipping Net by Longridge 

The Chipping Net by Longridge has been made in a specific way that makes it super easy to assemble. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that you can have the golf net set-up in no time to start practicing. 

Its total diameter is 53 cm and people have been liking how the materials that have been used to construct it are of a high-quality. This ensures that the net will last you for a long time so that you can continue practicing with it for years. 

In addition to this, they offer a couple different package options. You can choose to purchase the net on its own, or with a set of airflow balls or golf balls. 

The set that has airflow balls features a range of 12 balls within the pack. They have been made using white plastic materials. As a result, you’re able to practice your shots without causing any damage if you miss the net. Therefore, this package may be a great option for people who are beginners to golf.

With the golf ball set, there are 6 balls available that allow you to practice your shot as well. 

Verdict: With over 115 five star reviews, this is really a power player when it comes to practice nets. It doesn’t get any easier in terms of assembling it because of the pop up feature which literally takes seconds. The quality is mind-blowing and will easily pass the test of time.

2. PGA Tour Perfect Touch 

This PGA Tour Perfect Touch golf net features a 3-net target design feature which enables you to step your game up when it comes to practicing a range of different shots. In particular, the 3 targets that are available on the net are great for improving your ability to pull off more accurate chipping shots. 

People have really been liking how this net has a pop-up design too. This allows you to set the net up instantly and without any hassle, regardless of where you are. We were impressed with how this feature enables you to then fold the net away within seconds to make it easier to store and take around with you. 

The total size of the net is 50.8 cm and it has been implemented with poles when you set it up. These poles work effectively to keep the net upright so that you can focus on your shots and not have to worry about the net collapsing. 

A PGA tour training DVD is included as well. This is a great additional item that provides you with more details on how to improve your shots like the pros. 

Verdict: With a 4.5 stars rating from 70 reviews, there was huge expectations from this one. And boy did it deliver! I love the fact that the targets are separated to give you that little bit extra of a challenge and purpose to your practice.

3. Colin Montgomerie Quad 

We liked how the Colin Montgomerie Quad has been implemented with a square design, which is more unique when it comes to gold nets. It also has a total of 5 targets that are in the form of pockets. 

With 5 targets available, you’re able to work on your accuracy by picking out a target and trying to hit it. We found that this is more challenging, which means it’s more beneficial for developing your golfing skills. 

This feature also enables you and your friends to have more fun trying to hit a specific target together. 

There’s a ground sheet available that comes with metal poles. This enables you to set the net up and keep it stable while you play. Furthermore, you’ll be pleased to discover that this golf net can easily be folded down to a more compact size. This makes it easier to take around with you and store it away at home. 

When the net is set-up at its full size, it’s 65 x 70 cm and when you fold it down, it’s a more compact size of just 30 x 30 cm. 

Verdict: Phenomenal bit of kit for us at home! You can easily use this one in your bedroom to practice your chipping and is quick to assemble. It’s surprisingly cheap as well so all round a great little product..

4. Link Choice Pro 

The Link Choice Pro has been made to be used with real clubs and golf balls, which lets you practice with the proper equipment. There are ground sheets available that work effectively to prevent golf balls from going underneath the net. 

We were impressed with how the set comes with 24 golf balls. So, there’s plenty for you to practice with. In addition to this, they provide you with an artificial turf mat which is great for stopping your lawn from being damaged. 

There’s a target sheet available that works well to absorb the shock from your shots. Moreover, the materials used to construct this net are of a high standard, which means you can be sure that it will last you for a while. 

People have also been appreciating how this golf net is incredibly easy to set up. There are instructions that are clear to follow which makes it effortless to not only put the net together, but to take it down after you’re one with it. 

A storage bag is included as well which makes it easy to keep the net stored away conveniently. 

Verdict: Mind blowing value for money that will get a lot of use out of it and will withstand the test of time! I found it very easy to assemble straight out of the packaging and trusted it to withstand my drives. The only thing I would say is that it did make quite a loud noise as it crashed into the sheet but this can easily be sorted with another layer such as a folded up bed sheet.

5. PGA Tour Driving Net 

We liked how this PGA Tour Driving Net provides you with the ability to improve your golfing abilities both indoors and outdoors. It has also been made using high-quality materials that give you the confidence in knowing that it will last you for a long time. 

Setting this net up is a breeze due to the instructions that have been included. Not to mention, a storage bag is available which makes it incredibly easy to take the net down and keep it stored away safely. 

We were also impressed with how they’ve included a ground sheet and backstop. This enables the golf net to remain more durable. 

Furthermore, a hitting mat is available as well. Therefore, you’re able to make your shots without damaging your lawn or flooring. It has been made using artificial turf too. 

People have been liking how the size of this net is large. It’s 7 x 10 x 5’ in size which allows you to practice a wider range of shots. 

The nylon backing sheet that’s included has target pockets available as well. This enables you to pick out targets to try and hit to really boost your accuracy. 

Verdict: Obviously, any product by the PGA brand is normally very consistent in terms of quality and performance. The assembly for this one isn’t as easy as some of the others but once up, it’s great for grooving your swing.

6. Big Shot Golf 

The Big Shot Golf net is fully sized, which means that it’s of a professional standard. They’ve included a full size target sheet as well which has been made using high-quality materials. Therefore, it’s incredibly strong and can enable the ball to return back to you after making shots. 

This target sheet has an elastic quality to it as well. This enables it to absorb a lot of the impact to enable you to continue using the net for longer. 

We also liked how they’ve used super long seams while stitching the seams. This adds another element of durability to ensure that the net lasts for a long time. 

To keep it stable while you make your shots, there are anchor points available. So, if you make hard shots, you won’t have to keep on readjusting the net. 

People have also been liking the design of this one. It has been designed using green materials which make it look fantastic in your garden. 

Verdict: Strong and stable practice apparatus! It took a little while getting the bits and setting up but it was very easy in terms of the process itself. But once it was up, it was very strong and the net did exactly what it’s designed to do. Even using my driver was no issue at all for me.

7. Quick Play Quick-Hit 

This Quick Play Quick-Hit golf net has been made with a portable design which is fantastic if you were looking for something that you could easily take around with you while traveling. It lets you practice your golf shooting abilities, no matter where you are. 

People have been appreciating how they’re able to easily assemble this golf net too. By following the instructional manual that’s included, you’re able to have the net set up and ready to use within a couple of minutes. 

We were impressed with how there’s a power-drain system available with the net. This ensures that the net is able to absorb the impact from your shots effectively. Therefore, you can be sure that the net will last you for a while. 

This absorbing feature also provides you with a peace of mind that you’ll be safe while playing. The balls are unlikely to bounce back off the net and hit anyone.

Verdict: This net has over 40 reviews on Amazon of which 90% are 5 stars so that itself speaks in volumes. I found it super easy to put up and even just looking at it looks like it will stand the test of time. There is also mention of the customer service being phenomenal which I wasn’t able to test myself but that’s always a huge bonus.

8. Longridge 4-in-1 

The Longride 4-in-1 gold net has a total diameter of 60 cm which features a range of 4 targets. Having 4 targets available means that you’re able to pick one target at a time to aim for. As a result, your precision is provided with an excellent chance to improve the more you practice. 

With the easy-to-follow set of instructions that are included, you’re able to have this golf net set up and ready to play with in no time. 

We liked how you can use this golf net both indoors and outdoors. So, if the weather isn’t looking so great outdoors, you can still be sure to improve your golfing abilities by practicing indoors. 

Furthermore, people have been noticing that this golf net has lasted them for a long time and shows no signs of wearing down any time soon. This is because they have constructed it using high-quality materials that are incredibly durable. 

Verdict: I was super excited about testing this one and with over 60% of 5 star reviews, I had quite high expectations. This is perfect for the expert golfer looking to groove their swing or even just for all round bit of family fun! I’ll be honest, I was interrupted quite a lot by the family who wanted to go so prepare to be disturbed quite a few times wanting to challenge you!

9. Pure 2 Improve 

This Pure 2 Improve gold net measure in at a total of 2.4 x 2.1 meters, which provides you with a large enough net to practice your shots with. We were impressed with how they have made the net using polyester materials. 

These polyester fabrics are fantastic for adding strength to the net, which means that you can expect it to last you for a long time, regardless of how hard your shots are. In addition to this, the poles that have been implemented are constructed out of fiberglass. 

These poles are effective at keeping the golf net stable while you make your shots. People have been liking how this net is super easy to assemble as it takes a matter of minutes. This is due to the great set of instructions that are available. 

They’ve designed this gold net in a way that makes it very easy to transport. So, you can use it anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. 

When you hit the golf balls into the net, you can feel confident in knowing that the net will catch the balls, instead of letting them bounce out and causing any damage. 

Verdict: Now this one is one of the more premium products and with a 100% 5 star rating, it really does not disappoint. From being delivered through the door to my first swing, it was only five minutes. It’s made from really good quality materials so I’m sure it will be durable and withstand all golf shots including your drives.

10. FORB Portable Net

The FORB Net has been made with a fantastic portable design that comes with a carry bag. As a result, you can be sure to have this net set up anywhere you want outdoors without any hassle. This is largely due to the folding design that they’ve used. You’re able to have this net set-up and taken down within minutes. 

When the net is fully assembled, it’s 7 x 7’ in size which makes it a great size to set-up in your garden. We liked how the net has been made with a lot of attention to detail. That’s why they’ve implemented 20 mm squares for the net. This design enables the net to effectively deal with your most powerful shots. 

It works incredibly well to absorb the impact from your shots to ensure that the balls don’t fly off the net and cause harm. 

There are fiberglass poles available that are awesome for providing the net with a lot of stability. This is a major factor that works to keep the net durable for longer. 

Verdict: Another awesome gadget that’s super easy to setup and put away. With almost 90% 5 star ratings, I have heard quite a few people say that it’s the best net on Amazon. It’s so well constructed and can withstand some really powerful ball speeds and doesn’t need much space either. Definitely highly recommended!

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