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So, you are probably wondering what are the best golf shoes right now which are actually comfortable to wear and protect you from the rain? I quite recently bought a pair of shoes and remember being very excited about them.

Annoyingly, they were horrible to wear and even worse, a bit of typical English rain meant my socks got all wet. There’s nothing worse than walking around 18 holes of golf with shoes that are falling apart and do not fit as promised. Which is of course why I decided to write this article to review some of the options available right now.

I’ve spent countless hours trying different shoes on and for me the best golf shoes right now are the Under Armour Fade RST 2. For me when it comes to footwear, Under Armour have always done an awesome job and these continue in that trend. They are unbelievably comfortable and look pretty cool when you have them on too.

Finding shoes that fit perfectly is such a difficult task these days and it’s a fine line between a good fit and blisters all over your foot. If you are playing 18 holes of golf, obviously the last thing you want is an uncomfortable pair that rub horribly leaving your feet in a horrible state by the end.

I’m not saying that this article is absolutely perfect and I understand everyone has different feet out there but hopefully I have done enough research and testing to help make a good financial decision. Whatever your budget is, there is definitely a golf shoe for you and this article I have put together what I think are the best golf shoes right now.

Top 10 Best Golf Shoes (2020 Reviews)

ModelLevelSpikeOverall RatingCheck Now
1. Under Armour Fade RST 2IntermediateYes100%Check Price
2. Woodworm Surge V3BeginnerNo95%Check Price
3. Stuburt Sport-tech ResponseAdvancedYes99%Check Price
4. Skechers Go Golf Pro 3IntermediateYes97%Check Price
5. Callaway Chev MissionAdvancedNo96%Check Price
6. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-texAdvancedNo99%Check Price
7. Footjoy Fj Arc SlIntermediateNo96%Check Price
8. Puma Grip FusionIntermediateNo94%Check Price
9. Adidas Cp TraxionAdvancedYes93%Check Price
10. Under Armour UA Spieth 2AdvancedYes95%Check Price

1. Under Armour Fade RST 2

Under Armour’s Fade RST 2 golf shoes have been made with an E sizing feature. So, if you’re looking for a pair of golf shoes that can fit wider feet, these could be an excellent choice.

Golfers who have wide feet have been loving how comfortable these shoes feel to wear.

In addition to this, they’ve used high-quality Clarino microfiber materials. These work to keep you comfortable, while also ensuring that the inside of the shoe is breathable. Therefore, you can be sure to keep your feet cool and dry.

The laces that are available with these shoes provide you with the chance to tighten the shoes to your exact preference. So, you’re able to wear them comfortably for hours at a time.

Customers have also been liking how there’s a 1 year waterproof warranty available. If the shoes get damaged by water over time, you’ll be able to get a replacement pair within the 1-year warranty time.

Verdict: As I mentioned before Under Armour have always been a market leader when it comes to shoes in my opinion. These are so comfortable and will give you no issues walking around 18 holes on a golf course.

2. Woodworm Surge V3

The Woodworm Surge V3 golf shoes are an excellent option for golf players who are looking for a more modern looking shoe. They look incredibly stylish to wear to help you feel confident on the golf course.

We liked how they’ve implemented a Golf-Tex lining as well. This works effectively to provide you with plenty of comfort. Therefore, you can wear the shoes for hours without any discomfort.

In addition to this, the heel has been made with a flat design to make sure you have plenty of stability. These shoes are also recommended for people who have a normal foot width.

The design of the soles that are available with these shoes are of a high standard. They provide you with plenty of grip to make sure that you can play to the best of your abilities.

Players have even been noticing that they’re able to remain stable while playing in wet conditions. With laces available, you’re able to tighten the shoes to your precise preferences.

When it comes to maintaining these shoes, it’s best to avoid drying them on a heater or radiator as it can cause them to crack.

Verdict: Not too many golfers will know of this brand but definitely overlooked in my opinion. If you were looking purely at great value for money then this could easily be taking top spot. I love the choice of colours you get with these especially the neon green, definitely adds a bit of swagger to your step.

3. Stuburt Sport-tech Response

These Stuburt Sport-tech Response golf shoes have been incorporated with high-quality technical microfiber materials on the upper portion. These materials enable you to feel incredibly comfortable while playing.

In addition to this, we were impressed with how they have used EVA cushioned materials for the midsole. These are effective for adding to the comfort factor to ensure that you’re able to play comfortably for hours.

The cushioned insole works remarkably well to make sure that your feet don’t swell after playing golf for hours. Furthermore, we liked how there are soft spike cleats available on the bottom of the shoes.

These are excellent for providing you with a ton of stability while you’re playing. No matter whether it’s wet or dry, you can rely on these soft spike cleats to keep you stable to play to the best of your abilities.

With a lightweight design, you’re also able to feel super mobile while playing.

Verdict: Nice all white design that is fantastic value for money. Some golfers have even called this the most comfortable shoe on the market right now! That’s a pretty bold claim but it is definitely right up there. When you take into account how mind-blowingly cheap they are right now here on Amazon, it is probably a no brainer!

4. Skechers Go Golf Pro 3

Skechers Go Golf Pro 3 shoes comes with a 2 year waterproof warranty. So, if they get damaged by water within the 2 years that you’ve had them, you’ll be able to get a replacement pair.

High-quality leather materials have been used for the upper portion of these shoes. These materials are effective at keeping the shoes durable so that you can get years of play out of them.

To boost the durability aspect, they’ve implemented a tpu plate on the bottom. This works incredibly well to also provide you with a lot of stability when it comes to playing in dry or wet weather conditions.

We were impressed with how you’re provided with the option to swap out the tpu plate for soft spikes. This enables you to have more control over the way that you want to use the shoes to fit your playing style and preferences perfectly.

With the midfoot support technology that’s available, you can also feel confident in knowing that these shoes enable you to have total support. As a result, you’re able to feel stable and focus on making the best shots possible.

People have been liking how these shoes feel very lightweight as well. This allows you to feel more flexible and mobile while playing on the course all day.

Verdict: Not the cheapest option but you get what you pay for! These are definitely waterproof and will like you are wearing slippers on your feet, they are that comfy even right out of the box. Definitely recommend these if you can extend your budget because I would say that you won’t need to buy another pay for at least another 3 or 4 years (assuming no sudden growth spurts).

5. Callaway Chev Mission

The Callaway Chev Mission golf shoes have an upper layer that has been made using high-grade leather materials. We liked how these leather materials enable the shoes to be waterproof. Therefore, you’re able to feel confident that these shoes will last, even if you’re playing in the rain.

Golfers have been noticing that these leather materials also provide them with a lot of comfort. As a result, you’re able to play on the course for hours on end without any discomfort.

With a mesh lining and vent system included, you can be sure to keep your feet cool and dry while playing. The mesh lining is incredibly breathable and the vents makes sure that plenty of air can flow throughout the shoes.

On the bottom of these shoes, you can find the high-traction sole that features a range of 9 cleats that have been fitted permanently. These are highly effective at providing you with a lot of grip, regardless of what the weather is like.

Verdict: First mention for Callaway on the list and to be honest, it’s a good quality pair of shoes. I quite like these because of the fit especially if you have quite narrow feet. They will still feel like a glove on your feet but yet quite comfortable.

6. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Shoes

These golf shoes have been fitted with an excellent Gore-Tex system that works remarkably well to keep the shoes waterproof. Therefore, you can feel confident about playing in the rain and not have to worry about them getting damaged. 

Furthermore, this Gore-Tex technology is awesome for keeping the shoes breathable. As a result, you’re able to play for hours on end and not have to worry about your feet becoming sweaty. Instead, they remain cool and dry. 

With Biom Natural Motion technology, you’re able to play and feel more contact with the floor. Many golfers find that this feature provides them with more stability to perform better shots with. 

To boost the stability benefits even further, a Tri-Fi-Grip feature is available on the outsole. In particular, this enables you to have more support and stability while rotating. 

They’ve used high-quality ECCO Yak leather which is incredibly useful for keeping the shoes durable. So, you can be sure that these shoes will last you for a long time. 

You can play golf for hours on end and feel comfortable too. This is a result of the Ortholite inlay soles that have been made using cushioned materials.

Verdict: Having tested these round the course, they not only fit so well but are some of the most cushioned shoes you’ll find on the market. Plus they feel like running shoes on your feet so you will probably end up using these for normal everyday tasks. Obviously, these are waterproof which we put to the test and look pretty awesome as well.

7. Footjoy Fj Arc Sl

These Footjoy Fj Arc SI golf shoes come with a lace close-up design. As a result, you’re able to tighten the shoes to your exact preferences to ensure that you can feel comfortable while playing.

The materials used on the outside of the shoes are high-quality leather. These are excellent for providing you with a lot of comfort. Therefore, you can play on the golf course for hours and not feel uncomfortable.

These leather materials are also very durable. Therefore, they can resist being damaged easily by the weather to make sure that you’re able to wear them for a long time.

We liked how the sole has been made using gum rubber materials as well. This is great for providing you with plenty of stability while playing.

Verdict: Although Footjoy may not have a massive exposure here in the UK, they are absolutely enormous brand in Asia that are very well known for producing high quality shoes. I would say these are great for someone with narrow feet as they are quite a snug fit offering great traction and stability. Great feel out on the course and one that I could easily walk in all day. You can pick them up for quite a good price as well as they are not up there with the premium price range.

8. Puma Grip Fusion

Puma’s Grip Fusion golf shoes include a dual density insole that has been made using 2 layers of cushioned foam materials. This is remarkably effective at providing you with a lot of comfort to ensure that you’re able to play on the golf course for hours at a time without tiring your feet out.

In addition to this, they’ve implemented a fusion foam element. This includes EVA foam and a highly responsive rubber material that enables you to have even more cushioning to feel comfortable.

The shoes have been designed in a way that makes them great for people with all kinds of feet types. Regardless of whether you have thin, normal, or wide feet, you can wear these shoes comfortably.

With the organic traction feature, you’re able to play with plenty of stability. This is because they work with lugs that have been placed in specific areas to ensure that you have the most amount of traction possible.

This amount of traction enables you to feel more confident when it comes to making your shots.

People have also been glad to hear that there’s a 1 year waterproof warranty available. So, in the case that the shoes become damaged by water, you are able to get another replacement pair.

Verdict: These are probably one of the lightest shoes on the market right now and if I may so one of the best looking shoes on the market. I’ve always loved Puma and their designs going right back to childhood. They are ready straight out of the box and I promise you, you will be walking up with some serious swagger walking up to the tee.

9. Adidas Cp Traxion

These Adidas Cp Traxion golf shoes have been made specifically for people who have wider feet. If you have wide feet, you’ll be able to wear these golf shoes comfortably.

The design of the toe shape available with these shoes is rounder than the previous golf shoes that Adidas has made. This is one of the main features that makes it so great for people who have wider feet.

Due to how natural these shoes feel for people with wide feet, they’re able to play with a lot more confidence.

There are leather materials available that provide the shoes with a lot of durability. Therefore, you can be sure to wear them for years. This leather material is also lightweight to make sure that you feel mobile while playing.

We were impressed with how there are 6 spikes available on the outsole, as well as X-Traxion lugs and flex grooves that are deep. These features are excellent for providing you with a lot of stability while you’re playing. So, you’re able to pull of shots with more power and accuracy.

The Thintech lower profile design also means that your feet are closer to the ground. This adds to the comfort factor, while also keeping you fully supported.

Verdict: I’ve always said that when it comes to shoes, you can’t go wrong with Adidas. These Traxion’s are some real lightweight shoes especially if you have quite wide feet. I was surprised by the price too as I expected them to be more than what they were.

10. Under Armour UA Spieth 2

These Under Armour UA Spieth 2 golf shoes have been implemented with Clarino microfiber leather materials. They work incredibly well to provide the shoes with a lot of durability so that they can last you for years.

Moreover, we liked how this material enables you to have more support as well. With a footbed that has been made using EVA foam materials, you can be assured that these shoes will feel comfortable to wear.

So, you can wear them on the course for hours and not tire your feet out. We also liked how there are spikes available on the bottom. They provide you with plenty of traction against the ground.

Having this extra stability means that you can pull off shots with more confident. In addition to this, you’re able to wear these shoes to play well in all weather conditions.

This is made possible by the GORE-TEX feature that keeps the shoes completely waterproof. Furthermore, the shoes have a lightweight design that helps you to feel more flexible.

The E sizing system also means that these golf shoes are more suited to players who have wider feet.

Verdict: Another mention for Under Armour on the list and it’s another banger! I did read that sometimes they feel a little stiff at first and need a bit of breaking in. Personally, I did not have this and felt super comfortable right out of the box. Obviously, I do wish that they made me play like Spieth on the course but they don’t quite offer that as a benefit of the shoes. Apart from that, the shoes are truly top notch!

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