Bushnell Pro X2 vs Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder Review

As the market leader of golf rangefinders, it is no surprise to see so many golfers use their products on the golf course.

I’ve personally a long-time user of Bushnell products so I’m quite excited to test these products and share my insights into them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an industry leading expert when it comes to optics and the nitty gritty details of the technology that’s been used.

However, hopefully my insightful writing will help you understand whether you are making a good financial decision or not.

Let’s start with what’s in the box

If you haven’t purchased a rangefinder before then you might be wondering what is included in the box when you purchase one of these things. You might not be surprised by this but you get exactly what you expect to get with these which include:

  • Rangefinder
  • Carry Case
  • Manuals
  • Usb wire

Bushnell Pro X2 Review

So the Pro X2 is a huge product in terms of its popularity within the Bushnell range. If you are a regular reader on my blog then you will know that these have been featured in our top ten rated golf rangefinder guide where I look in-depth at the benefits of the product.

Now the biggest selling point with these is the slope switch technology which is a toggle on the side of the product. A simple switch of this converts this rangefinder from a standard option into one that calculates slope. Obviously, this feature is not legal when it comes to tournament play so don’t forget to switch that off. This stops us golfers from having to choose between a standard rangefinder and a slope adjusted product with both options now being integrated into one.

In terms of the materials, the X2 consists of full metal casing so the product feels a little heavier than the Hybrid range. However, it does feel sturdier which means that if you were to drop this out on the course or fall out of your pocket, it should be pretty safe. I have tested that part myself but I do have confidence in that.

Bushnell also boast the fact that this is fully waterproof so during our British weather, I’m sure you will come across some rain at some point. Luckily with this you won’t have to worry about any of the elements creeping in there.

Another cool technology that you will find with this is the Pinseeker with Jolt technology. This isn’t something new and revolutionary to Bushnell but does seem to be found in the more premium rangefinders. The whole concept behind this technology is to inform you when you have actually captured the flag stick and not some trees in the background which is reinforced with the jolt.

Now what’s really impressive with this technology is the range of distance it’s able to capture. Bushnell reckon that it will capture accurate distances from 5 yards away all the way up to 1300 yards away.

Another cool feature which is overlooked is the dual display when enables you to toggle the display according to the conditions that you are playing in. It does sound a bit mind-boggling but essentially, it depends on how light it is. On a typical dark, grey, overcast afternoon, you can press a button on the side which brings out a vivid red display which gives you a much clearer view on the screen.

Finally, another important aspect I have found from testing out rangefinders is the grip and how easily it stays in your hand. There is nothing worse than when the materials that are used on the top and bottom don’t allow you to get a firm hold on the unit itself. Luckily, you haven’t got to worry about that with these as the rubbery materials ensures you get awesome grip on the unit.

Verdict: If you are serious about your golf, then you won’t find much better units in terms of state-of the-art technology. Bushnell have really packed some awesome features in here which is quite clearly transformed into the price. However, you have to take into account you are basically getting two rangefinders because you get the standard distance as well as the slop-adjusted measurements. I was actually shocked to find how well they are priced here on Amazon compared to some of the other places so worth checking out!

Bushnell Hybrid Review

Now this one is a bit revolutionary because according to Bushnell, the Hybrid rangefinder is the first ever integrated GPS laser rangefinder product.

Just like the X2, you have the pinseeker technology that includes the jolt function. So pinpointing a flagstick won’t be an issue with this and it provides mind-blowingly accurate yardage distances.

What really sets this apart from the X2 is obviously the GPS function on the unit. The exterior display will provide you with the front, middle and back up to four hazards per hole.

More importantly, if you are on a course which includes a Dogleg hole whereby you can’t see the flag, the standard rangefinder, you’d only be able to shoot the laser at a tree near the corner. But you wouldn’t be able to tell if you are able to fly the corner to get to the green or what it looks like around the entire bend. The GPS function gives you the full overview of the whole.

But the real revolutionary introduction for me is the Bluetooth functionality. You have no idea how much easier it is when you can connect the unit to your phone for auto-course updates without having to plug it into your computer and mess around with loads of admin work.

Lastly, Bushnell have also included auto course recognition which means that when you switch this device on at the course, it will automatically detect golf courses around you and all you have to do is select the course you are playing at from the menu. It’s that simple.

One thing I would mention though is that the added functionality of the GPS overview does take a bit of a hit on the battery life so I have found they don’t last as long as the X2’s even though you have two battery systems incorporated into the unit. Verdict: By incorporating GPS information of the course, Bushnell have really introduced something fresh to the market. My local course has two dogleg holes so I find this technology very useful. Combine this with the jolt technology to quickly acquire pin distances, it really is a power-player in the market. Personally, I couldn’t think of very much else you could fit into these little units to improve them anymore.

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