What is the best rated golf ball?

What’s the best rated golf balls for you? I have to be honest that when I first started getting into golf, deciding on some golf balls was one of the hardest things to do because there is literally so many options. In fact, there are so many brand out there which boast a massive range of benefits and technologies.

I’ve tested hundreds of balls down the driving range as well as out on the course, and I believe that the best golf balls right now is the Callaway Supersoft balls. When it comes to having the overall package, these are my go to ones and they have absolutely mind-blowing hold on the green and feel off the face of the club. I was also shocked to find out just how cheap they are right now here on Amazon.

Obviously, there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing golf balls and different options offer different benefits. It’s all about confidence and ultimately, you want something that will feel great and fly great off the face.

There’s no point spending £50 on a set of balls if every shot is landing in the rough or water hazard. I learned this the hard way as I watched my nice new golf balls look stunning as they flew effortlessly into the water. Now, that’s obviously not the balls fault!

However, as you become more skilled, they do make a big difference because golf balls are made for specific goals in mind like some may be a tinge bit softer to help you around the green or some are designed to help your distance.

Callaway and Taylormade are probably the market leaders in many people eyes, however, there are some interesting lesser known brands such as Srixon who also pack a real punch. Obviously, they do also cost a little less than the premium brands and to be honest, as you will find out in a moment, some of them perform just as good if not better than some of the premium options.

That’s why I wrote this article and I’m super excited to share with you my findings because I took a huge interest in what goes into different balls and what the companies have done with them. I’ll try not to get too geeky with my analysis but hopefully the options will help your game as well as decide if you are making a good financial decision.

Let’s start with the swing speed

This single thing changed the way I looked at things when buying golf balls. Before, buying the best golf ball was like buying the shiniest object, I wanted to have the fanciest option. But, I quickly found out that my swing actually got worse and there was one simple reason for that: I did not have a fast enough swing speed for the ball.

So, you might be wondering what golf ball you should chose for your swing speed? For the more beginner level players reading this article, you may have slower swing speeds and prefer a firmer ball that gives you the distance and carry like the Srixon Distance. However, if you have a higher swing speed than you will prefer a softer version of the golf ball that gives you more control and spin.

Now I’m not saying you should match your golf balls to your swing speed because we swing each club at different speeds. That would require a different ball for each club! However, some of the more premium options do require you to have higher swing speed to get the most out of the balls because they tend to be made from softer materials and provide more spin.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight in and see what we have got.

Top 10 Best Golf Balls (2020 Reviews)

ModelLevelTechnologyOverall RatingCheck Now
1. Callaway SupersoftIntermediateHEX Aerodynamics100%Check Price
2. Srixon DistanceBeginner324 speed dimple98%Check Price
3. Callaway WarbirdIntermediateHEX Aerodynamics97%Check Price
4. Titleist Pro V1AdvancedProprietary cover system99%Check Price
5. Callaway ChromeIntermediateDual soft fast core96%Check Price
6. Srixon AD333IntermediateSpin skin97%Check Price
7. Taylormade RBZIntermediateREACT core94%Check Price
8. Wilson Ultra LueBegineerUltra Ultimate93%Check Price
9. TaylorMade TP5XAdvancedXL low97%Check Price
10. Srixon Soft FeelIntermediateE.G.G Core94%Check Price

1. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway golf offers the super soft golf balls for better speed, range and accuracy. With a 332 dimple pattern, the Supersoft ball will increase the velocity, will provide higher extent and will reduce the drag. This golf ball provides the soft touch and sound for all kinds of shots, whether it’s a launch angle, backspin or side angle.

The best feature of this product is the soft touch that Callaway Supersoft provides. Thanks to its Ultra Low Compression Core, Callaway Golf has been able to deliver an amazing speed as well increased accuracy, thus promoting low spin for longer and straighter flight when taking full shots. Another specification to be mentioned is the new softer trigonometry cover formulation, which, with its low compression provides an enhanced and comfort feel to boost the greenside control, as well to better spin and stop the shots.

Callaway Golf has also added the new low drag hex aerodynamics that optimizes a lower spin rate to decrease the drag, raise up the lift for high flying shots and covering larger distances. These golf balls come in many colors that vary from matte green to matte red, matte pink, matte orange, matte white and matte yellow for different players tastes.

Verdict: For me these are almost faultless! I use these and just absolutely love the hold on the greens. You can get these in bright orange as well which are quite the statement maker and some swagger to your repertoire.

2. Srixon Distance

From Srixon, now you can enjoy the new product named the Srixon Distance Golf Balls. This product is made out of a two piece construction to increase the performance and feeling with every hit you take on the green.

Srixon Distance has an aerodynamically superior 324 speed dimple configuration on its surface, to deliver a certain trajectory and shape that increases velocity during the shot, but also provides flexibility and strength. These characteristics give the pleasure to any player not being disturbed by the windy weather. With a higher initial velocity for distance and responsive light feel and control, Srixon has compelled the ability to cover high distance shots that can reach a swing speed of more than 80 mph, in order to challenge every player’s limits.

The polymer material of ionomer, not only provides a rigid golf ball, but also delivers an exceptional cut proof durability, as a result a far more penetrating ball to better fulfill and reach any target. The Energetic Gradient Growth Core comes as a great composure of smooth inner rubber, and the hard touch of its outer lay to maximize the shot/speed ratio to cover long distances by preserving the accuracy at every shot a player takes.

Verdict: This one is all about the price and value for money. It does what it says on the tin, they go a long, long way! Many golfers use this ball during the winter and keep the pricier options for tournaments but I think they still make a great ball all year round. After playing a whole round with these, they were in surprisingly good condition so durability wise they are pretty solid too!

3. Callaway Warbird

The Callaway Warbird is that kind of Golf ball that will make any shot look like a flight. This product comes as a two piece construction, in white color as well featuring an optical yellow version. Designed to cover long distances, the Warbird will challenge any player to test their skills when hitting the green.

Equipped with HEX Aerodynamics which minimizes the drag, you will also feel the added speed when taking high launches including the hang time during distance cover. The extra-large high-energy core is very compressible which delivers more strength and potential when taking shots, as well preserves the velocity, making Warbird different from other golf balls.

The Callaway Warbird has a polymer material of thin high-sensory ionomer that makes this ball utilizable, regardless the club you use. Also, thanks to its design every player will feel the comfort of the stability and penetration when hitting their targets. The Warbird balls are able to travel long distances featuring low spin, in order to deliver the most accurate and precise shots. If you like golf you are just going to love Warbird, as it can be used by an amateur or a professional, helping the first and testing the second.   

Verdict: Unbelievable control on and around the green! Perfect for a high-handicapper who wants some feel of the club face but not invest in the more premium options yet. The bright colours will make it so much easier to spot the ball off the tee and have no issues differentiating the balls from your partners.  

4. Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are designed for golf players who seek control and the superb feel of that long lasting durability and consistency in every shot. Thanks to its penetrating trajectory you will feel the difference by gaining accuracy while covering long distances, as well coping with windy weather. Therefore Pro V1 manages to generate lower driver spin and provides a Top Level Performance.

The cover of Titleist Pro V1 guarantees more speed thanks to its elastic layer that provides Drop and Stop greenside control, soft feel and extraordinary durability. Pro V1 optimizes the spin and most importantly provides an exceptional long distance travel. This sort of cover makes Pro V1 have one of the best and efficient designs for a control of speed, trajectory and spin to satisfy each player when hitting the green.

The improved dimple placement on the surface of Titleist Pro V1 features an improved consistent surface, thus reaching many standards and offering a certain comfort to all golf players. So, whenever you hit the chips make sure to feel that nice and soft feeling off the putter face or off the club face, or just enjoy the kind sound the Pro V1 produces when trying to reach your targets.

Verdict: When it comes to premium golf balls, these are at the top of the list. If you have ever bought a present for a golfer then I know how much they would love to have a box of these Pro V1’s. One of the few balls I can stop and backup on the green. Most golfers swear by it but obviously, losing these is also a painful thought. Definitely worth the price though if you are looking for a top-end product.

5. Callaway Chrome

The Callaway Chrome come as a product of fast and quick golf balls with low spin to avoid any bad shot especially when hitting in to the wind. These balls are equipped with New Graphene infused Dual Soft Fast Core, and thanks to the larger inner core, it can maximize the compression energy while it minimizes the driver spin and provides a high launch when hitting the green for longer distances.

Since we are speaking about distances, the Callaway Chrome, thanks to the Premium dual core construction, provides more distance off of your longer clubs. Control on the other side is added when using mid-irons, short-irons and wedges. Also, the forgiveness impact in the construction design ratio is increased, as a result will reduce the bad swing effects as well any poor contact with the ball.

Callaway Chrome is made by the Ultra Soft Tour Urethan Cover on its surface, thus generates a fantastic and comfort feeling when shooting, whether pitch shots for further flies or chip shots for better rolling. Last the core of the Callaway Chrome has an amazing compression to support different kind of hits, and also maintain the speed by reaching targets even in large lengths.    

6. Srixon AD333

Srixon AD333, a product that comes as a 2 piece golf ball that provides soft feel, greenside control, and most of all an amazing balance of distance. These balls are made by Srixon as a challenge to all players that want to reach limits and enjoy great performances, as the AD333 offers some incredible elements like durability, accuracy, speed and coves high distances.

Equipped with the new third Generation Spinskin, the Srixon AD333 offers more friction for spin. As a result the main benefit for all players will be more greenside spin control that is generated by the coating technology premium Z-Star. Also, the Srixon AD333 delivers a lot of stability to the shots, especially when taking them from the rough.

The design provides more aerodynamics thanks to the new 338 speed dimple pattern. This will help reduce the drag, secure long shots with high distances, and reaching any target despite windy weather. The Srixon AD333 has a lower compression thanks to the energetic gradient growth core. In addition the ball delivers a soft feel and accurate fast shot with a wide range of coverage. This product comes as a classy white with an elegance blue AD333 signature on its layer.   

Verdict: Jaw dropping quality for the price! Srixon are known for making well priced balls that are not only great quality but also last an age. These feel pretty awesome off the clubface and are good for distance because they are that little bit firmer. I also think that they are quite good for putting, I love the feel of these off my putter.

7. Taylormade RBZ

Taylormade RBZ comes as the softest golf ball that TaylorMade has ever produced. The core has a high energy react for a softer feel to produce maximum distance off the tee. The polymer material of ionomer delivers a comfort when hitting the green for a responsive short game performance. Taylormade has produced some piece of wonder with a great combination of speed, efficiency, distance coverage and soft feel for comfort. 

What makes the React core special is the fact that stores and releases energy offering an incredible efficiency. TaylorMade proprietary cover design provides comfort and durability to face and sustain any club’s affect towards the ball. A 60 compression will secure the proper impact on distance and loft, which will make the shots go higher and larger. Also this would secure the necessary flexibility for the Taylormade to preserve the accuracy.

Also, Taylormade RBZ has a low drag dimple pattern that allows air to flow more smoothly around the ball’s surface. As a result the wake is reduced as well as the little pressure area behind the ball. Secondly, the dimples help to raise the lift by making air circulate faster, reducing the pressure and launching high and sustainable flights. 

Verdict: Although Taylormade have a huge presence in golf, they are not the biggest name when it comes to golf balls. Slightly overlooked in my opinion because these are really well designed and really pack a punch. The best thing about these is that you aren’t having to spend an absolute fortune yet they do such a great job!

8. Wilson Ultra Lue

The Wilson Ultra Lue is the original distance golf ball coming in a traditional white color. Since we are speaking about distances, this product is provided with a two-piece construction, in order to be optimized for distances. Its material of polyester and high compression energy offers the maximum durability when hitting the green for longer distances.

In addition, Wilson Ultra Lue with its high energy core, paired with a unique 432 dimple, provides the most optimal flight trajectory and tour like distance. Furthermore, the durable long lasting cover makes this golf ball available for continuous use, whether in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Its light weight and high compression provide long lasting durability to players with improving swing speeds and generating energy featuring a great feel and comfort.

Wilson Ultra Lue golf ball delivers large distance coverage, maximum durability and unmatched smooth, usable for all golf players, amateurs or professionals as well very attractive for the eye. These balls guarantee cut proof cover for ultimate playability and high energy core which provides great initial velocity, a mixture that delivers maximum travel to reach limits and beyond. Wilson Ultra comes in a pure white color and yellow and black signatures on its surface.

Verdict: I would probably say that most golfers have had Wilson golf balls at some point in their career. They are known for producing great value for money and this is absolutely no different. This is great especially if you are a high handicapper who’s prone to losing a ball or two in each round. They are durable and will give you that good distance to build your confidence up.

9. TaylorMade TP5X

If you are searching for a golf ball with more layers than various balls on the market, high speed, a piercing playability, able to cover long distances, an amazing soft feel, high wedge spin that can hit precise targets, than TaylorMade TP5X is the right golf ball to fulfill all your requests.   

Thanks to the new technology that TaylorMade has equipped these golf balls, TP5X delivers a faster shot, rebound effect and optimized spin rates. All of these are the criteria to make this golf ball, the fastest, longest distance covering and the best in the most complete Tour ball. TP5X has a construction of four stiff layers, including its XL compression core that provides low drag and launch angle, in order to reach increased speed for all types of targets and challenging ambitious players and their limits.   

TP5X is equipped with a urethane cover which makes these golf balls softer, as well increases groove interaction by adding more greenside spin on irons and wedge shots. Also, the cover makes these balls more durable compared to other golf balls. The new High Flex Material (HFM) adds more load and energy, thus creates a higher rebound effect, and generates impressive speed.      

Verdict: I know a lot of people that have tried out some of the top premium balls like Pro V’s and Chromesofts but yet swear by these TP5X’s. I have even heard people say that these blow Pro V’s out of the water. I must admit these produce some jaw-droppingly good sound off the club face and you walk off which such swagger when you cream these. They do have a premium price tag but I think they are absolutely worth it!

10. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon has introduced to all golf players the new soft and sensational ball, 12 points lower than the previous version and delivering an incredible feeling when swinging the club. With a Gradient growth core of just 60 compression at the point of impact, Srixon Soft Feel will travel high and long distances, thanks to the energy that is transferred from golf club to ball, thus maximizing the speed.

This new version of Srixon Soft Feel has an update to the cover, being 11 percent thinner and 5 percent softer than the old model, resulting as the softest feel rating tested in the low-compression category. The Ionomer Cover is notably soft and thin, providing adequate spin for more control on every shot taken. Special about Srixon Soft Feel is the center of the core is the mushy part on the center and then becoming harder near the perimeter.

Also, the Soft Feel is equipped with new aerodynamic speed dimples design, featuring a 324 speed dimple pattern, in order to reduce drag, ensuring accuracy for each shot, and most important cover long distances thanks to the uniformity that the ball provides. Soft Feel comes in a pure white with that classy signature of Srixon on its surface.  

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